Skinny Fox Detox:
-Suppress Appetite
-Boost Metabolism
-Improve Sleep
-Cleanse & Detoxify
-Reduce water retention
-Reduce sugar cravings
-Reduce bloating

How Does It Work?
It is the amazing mix of natural health and weight loss ingredients present in SkinnyFoxDetox tea that assist in the detoxification process. In short, the daytime tea is a stimulant (which helps convert food into energy & increase metabolism thus burning fat & calories) and an appetite suppressant. You will find you have more energy to complete your daily tasks and will be more inclined to want to exercise and when you do so you may have more stamina/endurance. As an appetite suppressant you will find yourself being less hungry and/or not want to eat as much as you usually do.
The night time tea is a colon cleanse that cleans out your entire digestive tract removing unwanted, built-up (sometimes built up for years) toxins that may be preventing you from losing weight. In speeding up the digestive tract the night time tea also aids weight loss as excess energy (calories) will pass through the digestive tract and not be absorbed as readily (and converted into fat) as they usually would - in other words calorie absorption will be lowered. This powerful combination of boosting and cleansing, makes SkinnyFoxDetox the most effective and best detox tea on the market!